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Roman Buchimensky

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Roman Buchimensky: Homeopath, founder and director of the Via Homeopatica International Homeopathic Center. In March 2020, he organized a first homeopathic aid service for people affected by the latest epidemic. The Via Homeopatica hotline has brought together several dozen homeopaths from more than 20 countries around the world, popularizes the homeopathic method and gives hope to people around the world. During this time, a huge experience has been accumulated in homeopathic care in the rapidly changing conditions of the modern world and the prompt solution of emerging problems. On the basis of the Via Homeopatica center, there is a constant exchange of experience between homeopaths from different countries, there are educational programs: webinars, clinical analyzes, trainings,conferences.

Andreas Holling

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Andreas Holling: Has been working as a homeopathic doctor in private practice in Münster since 1986. Studied with J. Künzli, J. Becker, A. Geukens, J. Shah, R. Sankaran, H. Frei. Methodological focus, sensation method, Boenninghausen and Boger method. Author of the HomöoQuest flashcards, development of his own concept on the periodic table of the elements: "The Dimension Theory". Founder of the German-speaking doctors' network Epihom for homeopathic exchange in epidemics.

Invitation to Global Homeopathic Summit 2021

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