30th April 2022
Homeopathic Treatment of Diseases
of Heart and the Cardio-Vascular-System. 

Various renown homeopaths look together at the topic of heart and cardiovascular diseases.

They present their best cases and discuss them together.

speakers heart symposium

30th April 2022

3 pm to 8 pm (CET)

Recordings are afterwards available for three months


With this online symposium we would like to introduce our new format, with which we look at a clinically relevant topic from different angles. For this purpose, cases will be presented by different homeopaths who use different ways, methods and tools. The richness of homeopathy lies in the individuality of each practitioner and we can all learn from each other. We look forward to interesting and practical content.


The exchange between colleagues is particularly important to us. Therefore, we will have small panel discussions between the case presentations. The experience of the individual is always enriched by confirmation and supplementation, but also by questioning. In this way, the participants will take home a wealth of new knowledge.


The heart and the vascular system play a central role in the health of every human being. There are many remedies that have a special affinity to this organ system. Therefore, we begin our new format with this central organ system, which is under such extraordinary strain these days. It can suffer from emotional, infectious and toxicological stress. If these stresses are not managed, trauma can result, which then needs to be healed homeopathically. The heart and our blood vessels connect every part to the whole. They nourish every cell and organ and, together with breathing, give order and rhythm to life. Almost every disease of our body can have accompanying symptoms of the cardiovascular system. It is very helpful to know the major and minor medicines that have proved particularly effective in this organ (system).


At this symposium we give great importance to the homoeopathic differential diagnosis in each case. This comparative medicine teaching is of the greatest value for daily practice. The cases presented will not be shown in extended completeness, but rather summarised to focus on the core of the findings. The symposium will be recorded and available to all participants for three months afterwards. The fuller details of the cases or presentations will then be available in written form for in-depth study.

Panel of the discussion forum: AnneSchadde,AjitKulkarni, Andreas Holling, RomanBuchimensky

Heart Symposium ENG Overview of Lecturers and Topics by Andreas Holling

Heart Symposium ENG Interview with Dr. med. Konstantin Zhigalov/Moskow

Heart Symposium ENG Interview with Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

Heart Symposium ENG Interview with Anne Schadde

Heart Symposium ENG Interview with Chetna Shukla

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